Theory of Biological Systems virtual seminar series

Update: We have concluded the seminar series for the academic year. You can sign up here to be informed about future seminars, and find recordings of this year’s talks below!

Below you can find recordings for our ‘21-‘22 Theory of Biological Systems seminars:



Simon Freedman, Madhav Mani, and I are excited to announce a virtual seminar series entitled Theory of Biological Systems. Our goal in this series is to provide a platform for students and early career scientists to become educated on the latest research topics on the interface of biology, physics, and mathematics, and also to form cohesion between the disparate topics that our community studies.

In addition to showcasing cutting edge research, part of the emphasis of our series is to foster a conversation between speakers and the audience about topics of broad concern in the “Theory in Biology” community (e.g., where theorists could have the greatest impact, what are the big unsolved questions, and where may lay some research pitfalls).

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